May 2021



As the hippos approached land,

Pearl flew out ahead

to make sure there was

a safe landing area.


In the distance,

there was a beautiful field

with lights that lit up the night sky.

As she got closer though,

she could see that the people down below

were wearing facemasks

and holding dart guns

aimed blindly into the night sky.


Sensing they were afraid,

and knowing when people are afraid

they can really do bad things,


Pearl calmly turned around,

flying back to the rest of the hippos

to keep them from going any farther

towards the lighted field.


There will be another place

much safer and welcoming

where we can land,

Pearl redirected and encouraged.


That’s the beauty

of our unlimited flight power,

we can always make it

to where we need to go

safely, happily, and well supplied.



The children were concerned.

How could hippos possibly fly

forever and never have to worry

about refueling or getting tired?


Years ago, Mama explained,

when the hippos were first learning to fly

that was one of the big issues.

The BIG issues.


I mean we couldn’t just launch

the hippos to altitude

and then all of a sudden

they start falling out of the sky.

It wasn’t safe for the hippos

and it wasn’t safe

for the big kids at the top of the world

on the ground

in the launch and relanding areas.


So we harnessed

elemental force itself,

training the hippos

how to use available light

not just collecting it

and storing it,

but regenerating it

on board

once collected.


They light each other too,

creating a symbiotic balance

among the team

that’s super motivating

and super productive.


So now, whether they are flying solo

or flying as a group

each hippo knows how to accomplish

unlimited flight,


and eventually,

it becomes so second nature,

they are

unlimited flight.


They bring sunshine

and a smile,

wherever they go.


Then why couldn’t the hippos land

at the lighted field?

Wouldn’t they be able to bring

sunshine and a smile

to those people wearing facemasks

and aiming dart guns into the sky?


Sweet ones,

those people wearing masks

out in an open lighted field

are so afraid of their own life,

they’re afraid of all other life too,

even life that has the power

to regenerate light perpetually,

bringing fun, healing, happiness,

and life

to all who welcome them.


Even if you healed

those militant facemask people,

it wouldn’t last,

because they only believe

what a person in a

party supply labcoat says,

and not that

which illuminates

the mind.


It’s why they shoot each other

with those dart guns too.

The ones selling them

the dart guns and the dart gun serum

have decreed that’s the only way

human beings

can live life and not be afraid.


The hippos

don’t force anyone

to do anything,

and so when they sense or see

dissonance and bullying like that,


they just fly on

to safer, happier fields


to live and thrive

in intelligent,

embodied fellowship

and peace.




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Much love,

Mama Murphy




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