Thursday, November 22, 2018




When you think possible

all of a sudden...


shows up.


This is the official landing

of Flying Hippo Ranch

after all sorts of adventure,

a hurricane,

and the amazing teamwork

of everyday people

across multiple sectors

working autonomously,

independently together

to restore today’s








and technical grids

to make this landing strip possible.


So with the

Think Possible

survived now thrive philosophy

firmly anchored and

humanly confirmed,

it’s time to enjoy

creating the world


with even more exuberance

and the sunniest of sunshine smiles.





(of a country or region)
having self-government,
at least to a significant degree

• acting independently 
or having the freedom to do so





the quality of being
full of energy, excitement,
and cheerfulness


• • • •

Flying Hippo Ranch
is a Creator Group
specializing in all sorts of good
since the beginning of time.



More soon.

Much love,

Mama Murphy




Congratulations to Rick Scott

and Ron DeSantis

on your new upgrades

as our proxy representatives

of the Great State of Florida.


It was nice to know this morning

that standing your ground

to protect your marriage, family,

household, and assets

is pretty much a no-brainer

American value.


You’ll have all sorts of appointments

and positions to fill...

if you need an awesome gal Friday

who can do just about everything

efficiently and awesomely

I’m still here

glad to stand as precedent

for whatever position you need.


Glad to see you were barbecuing

over in Lynn Haven on Election Eve.

No better place to be on that night,

and you both chose awesomely.


A much welcome relief

and restoration of normalcy

in the media and airwaves

for the panhandle region

and this specific community.


What am I up to today?

Preparing a remedial class on

ballot writing

so the people in Florida

will actually be able to vote clearly

on initiatives and constitutional issues

from this moment forward.


Not sure who did that

and thought it was a ballot

representing what We the People

would want to read

and make selections on.


It’s as though someone

didn’t want simple choices made

and was attempting to sway the vote

a certain way

by grouping non-related issues

together with only one

yes or no vote

for both questions.


No worries.

We’ll bring Florida back to

wholesome, healthy, prosperity

in record time.

That’s the beauty of real people

building real communities.


Call me if you need anything.

I’ll be right here...

writing, teaching, and illuminating

all sorts of fun, bliss, and good adventure.



If you could...

I know you must be super busy...

but it would really be great

if both of you

could find my husband

and explain to him

that our family was targeted

and attacked by political nonsense

that ended up slandering, libeling,

and defaming my character

in such a way

it would be unspeakable

if not for the legitimate

law enforcement,

first responders,

and medical personnel

I support, honor, and protect.


What was forced against

my husband and I

and me specifically

was reprehensible.


Let me know what you find out.

In America, political positions

are for representation of We the People

as we go about our daily, honorable,

productive lives.

Political position in America


a license to bully, harass, invade, or

destroy a fellow American’s

marriage, family, livelihood,

businesses, or assets.


Today is a great day for America...

especially in the Great State of Florida.

I look forward to seeing

and standing before

my husband, daughter,

son, and grandchildren

fully restored

in the reputation, honor, and dignity

which I have

faithfully served and blessed them

for over 31 years.




* * * *


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Besides you’ll enjoy the

information page.


We know Google does.


More soon.


Much love,

Mama Murphy




Today’s definitions are from
the New Oxford American Dictionary.

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