June 2021



Any word?

Mama asked,

sure that someone

received the transmission.


She knew the children

had been waiting

a very long time

for the arrival of the hippos.

Especially, most especially,

for the celebration

of Master Riordan’s

9th Birthday.


Look to the sky, dear ones!

Look to the sky!


It had been over 8 years

since the children had seen






and Ippi.


Some of the younger children

had never even met

the hippos

but had heard all sorts of

great adventures

from Beanie the First,

Explorer, Swimmer,

and Adventurer Extraordinaire.


Master Riordan

was only 8 months old at the time,

and even then such smile

lit up the room

with tidings of Happiness

and Great Peace

The Almighty

Creator of Heaven and Earth

had blessed.


With eyes so Bright,

and pure smiles Delight,

and giggles here and there,

the children again

called out to the night

with whispers Sweet and True,


Sunshine loves me

this I know,

for The Almighty

tells me so.

Little ones

to Love belong,

I am Great,

and Kind,

and Strong!


Well those ancient words

were so powerful and true,

at that very moment

Master Riordan

sighted the resonant response

just inside the southwest corner

of God’s Ladle.


She’s there! She’s there!

Master Riordan called out.

She’s flying through the Mountain!

And she’s winged by

six Bright Horses!







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Much love,

Mama Murphy




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