Saturday, January 12, 2019


So one group

of really super smart

technologically advanced guys

have as their goal

100 percent unemployment.




Another group,

proxy representatives,

nothing more,

have as their goal

100 percent employment.



In a sovereign individual,

constitutionally protected framework,

I’m going to moderate

this discussion,

starting with the first directive question:


If your solution is so great,

your goal so awesome,

explain it

in a way

that everyday sovereign individuals

can understand.


And not just understand,

but encourage and promote

to its full accomplishment.


What does that look like?


No individual sovereign infringement,

and no surrender

of sovereign individual rights,

self-evident and inviolable.


Not sure what that looks like?

Well since this is only possible

in the greatest nation on earth,

your starting point

is to read

The Declaration of Independence,

The U.S. Constitution,

and the Bill of Rights,

specifically the first 10 amendments.


If your goal

does not align

in favor of those documents...


not interested.



Because your goal is unworthy,

infringing or restrictive of good faith

and on some level,

an attempt to

control, enslave, or exploit

your neighbors and fellow Americans.


We are a people of self-government.


That takes a certain level of

common sense, decency,

noble maturity, and

basic intelligence.


Those concepts

are easily understood

and readily attainable

for all American citizens

wholeheartedly self-disciplined

for such worthy pursuit

and mutual trust.




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More soon.

Much love,

Mama Murphy





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