Thursday, December 5, 2019




We’ve got a lot of fun stuff

going on.

Just wanted to let you know,

when good faith United States citizens

agree on something,




But what about the bad guys,

they won’t win.


What bad guys?

In America,

only good faith citizens

have authority

to do anything.


When “bad guys” realize that

they agree,

and become good guys too,

not because they want to be

viewed as having

a consistent good faith reputation,

but because they’re actually living

that good faith American life

consistently every day, too,

even when nobody’s around.


Do you realize that?

If you’re acting against

The Constitution,

actively working to tear it down,

you’re not

a good faith American.




It’s what our founding fathers

meant when they said

certain things

are just self-evident.


Well duh... of course.


That’s what self-evident is.


If you’re actively working to

tear down our awesome

Declaration of Independence,

The Constitution,

and/or the Bill of Rights,


it’s self-evident...

you’re not American.


Have no clue how awesome it is

to be a United States citizen.


If you understood those documents

and what they accomplish

and protect

for everyday good faith citizens,

no person in their right mind,

citizen or not

would fight against them

or actively promote

philosophies and policies

which directly violate those Rights

True good faith Americans

know and embody

because they’re self-evident.


Well Duh... of course.



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